Contact Instruments Ltd.

Contact Instruments' CEG25 is The smallest programmable gauge made for oil and gas.

The concept behind this gauge is to eliminate the need for multiple gauges in your inventory. Stock 1 gauge, set the profile and install and be finished. The LED ring provides relative indicator while the digital readout can show readings up to 4 digits.

The steel enclosure will directly replace any hydraulic gauge in your panel. The highly visible OLED display is easy to read and to use.

Product Features


  • All solid state construction. No moving parts to break
  • 4-20 ma input signal
  • User adjustable damping
  • High Contrast OLED Display
  • LED Backlit
  • 2.5" Dial Face
  • Ability to use up to 3 different transducers
  • Multiple Calibrations
  • User configurable Units, Mpa, Psi, Bar
  • Available to monitor Temperature, Pressure and RPM
  • LED Relative indication ring