Overmolded cables have significantly changed the functionality and appearance of cables over the last few years. Overmolded cables are durable, resilient, and can withstand some of the harshest conditions on the planet. Here is a complete guide on overmolded cables and their advantages.

Cable Overmolding

Overmolding is a method of combining cables and connectors into a single piece using either insert molding or injection molding. The cable overmolding design process begins with the cable assembly components being placed in a mold and then being injected with hot liquid plastic material. The end product will match whatever mold was used once it has cooled, and if done correctly, it will safeguard the connection of the underlying wires and connectors.

Overmolding is an excellent method for securing cable assemblies and connectors. This is especially important when the assemblies will be exposed to harsh or extreme environments. Overmolded connectors also provide medical professionals with an assembly that can survive sterilization procedures and one that has built-in strain relief.

a person assembling cables using tools.

The overmolding method is used to make one-of-a-kind cable assemblies that can resist harsh environments in everything from industrial control systems to telecommunications. This is possible thanks to advanced mechanical strength and design flexibility. Aesthetics play an important role as well, assisting with both a pleasing look and feel as well as integrating the assembly into an existing system.

Benefits of Cable Overmolding

Adding strength to the construction around a cable assembly’s connection point has various advantages. Simply put, the advantage of employing cable overmolding is that the cable assembly will survive longer and perform better than it would without it.

Other advantages of using an overmolded cable assembly include:

  • Flexural strength is increased, particularly where the cable exits. In most instances, this location will withstand all the movement, hence extra strength is essential to ensure the connection remains reliable.
  • Increasing general protection from external pressures such as temperature changes, dampness, rubbing, hitting, and startling.
  • Enhancing the cable assembly’s physical security.
  • Increasing the amount of strain alleviation and the pull strength.
  • Making a seal for the cable assembly connection that is entirely watertight, resists moisture, resists grease, and provides some other resistance depending on the application’s requirements.
  • Enhancing the assembly’s aesthetics and providing visual signals to aid in the assembly’s placement into its intended system.

The advantages of overmolded cable assemblies are numerous, but the additional layers of protection come at a higher cost. These types of careful considerations are best made with the assistance of a professional cable assembly maker.

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