A building’s electrical wiring includes switches and distribution boards to plugs and light fixtures. It is essential to install wiring as per the established safety guidelines. The electric current and operating voltage capacity of a circuit¬†determine the permissible wire and cable types and sizes.

Electric cable refers to a bundle of one or more wires used to transfer electricity. A customized electrical cable rally is a grouping of cable assemblies and associated connectors designed for fulfilling specific purposes. Cable assemblies of custom cables, often configured as a cable harness, help link several electrical terminals.

The following are the different types of customized cables:

1. Electric Panel Cables

This type of customized cable is ideal for home and public spaces. It is also effective in internal wires of small electrical equipment such as electrical cabinets, appliances, and switch boxes.

2. Power Cables

This customized cable design is ideal for use in residential and industrial power wiring areas, low-voltage applications, and variable frequency drives (VFD).

3. Reinforced Cables

For installations where mechanical aggression is a concern, cables reinforced with aluminum or steel are highly beneficial to use. The presence of rodents and explosion and fire risks necessitate armoured wires in many places.

4. Rubber Cables

Extra-flexible rubber cables have numerous applications, such as industrial installations and mobile services. This customized cable employs a rubber sheath in welding cables to transmit high currents between the electrode and the welding generator.

5. Halogen-Free Cables

Halogen-free cable is a customized cable used in public areas and electrical panels wiring. Their use in public distribution networks and emergency circuits is of great significance. They have low smoke and corrosive gas emission in case of fire.

6. Fire-Resistant Cables

With this cable, emergency equipment like smoke detectors and water pumps ensure protection in the event of a long-term fire. These cables can withstand harsh fire conditions due to the selection of fire-resistant design material and cable construction. Fire-resistant cables in emergency circuits are crucial for fire protection in crowded premises.

Home appliances, such as an iron machine, employ control cables

7. Control Cables

Due to their increased flexibility, control cables are ideal for connecting small household appliances, manufacturing machinery, signal and control systems, connecting motors or frequency converters, and power supply connections.

8. Instrumentation Cables

These are insulated and flexible cables used in industrial facilities to transmit signals between various pieces of equipment, specifically designed for optimal data transmission in high-interference settings.

9. Solar Cables

These cables are perfect for connecting solar panels fitted with DC-to-AC inverters. It is possible to keep these cables outside as they are highly resistant to solar radiation and extreme temperatures.

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