Tong Torque & Tong Line Pull Systems

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Contact’s tong torque systems are setting the benchmark for quality. Tong Torque Systems indicate the torque applied to drill collars, drill pipe, casing, and tubing during make-up. This is important for reducing drill collar and tool joint failure resulting from incorrect make-up.

Two main types of Tong Torque Systems are:

  • CTP (Tong Line Pull) Series – Indicates make-up or break-out torque in pounds of line pull. Used for drill string components, tool joints and drill collar applications
  • CTT (Joint Torque) Series- Indicates torque in foot pounds that is applied to each joint while using power tongs.

Each system comes complete with a hydraulic load cell (compression or tension), custom hose assembly, easy to read 6” hydraulic gauge and a hydraulic recharge kit (Consists of: 1 Litre Contact all weather instrument fluid and metal hand


  • Accurate indicator of torque, reducing costly make-up errors
  • Easy to read liquid filled hydraulic gauge
  • Custom hose lengths available
  • Custom dials
  • Complementary recharge kit
  • Target pointer on gauge to set torque targets