Load Cells

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Hydraulic tension and compression load cells.

Tensions Load Cells

Diaphragm Type:

All diaphragm loadcells come with replaceable rubber diaphragms for easy field maintanence.

  • CTC102-1
  • CTC104

Piston Type

Our most rugid loadcells. With stainless caps and rod, these loadcells are built to last in nearly any environment. With few moving parts these loadcells are easily repaired and have a long service life.

  • CTC106 4.08sq/in
  • CTC107 6.53sq/in
  • CTC110 10.8sq/in

Compression Load Cells

  • CCC101 16.1 sq/in
  • CCC102 36.767 sq/in
  • CCC103 50 sq/in
  • CCC108 8.0sq/in