Deflection Weight Indicator

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This compact, easy to view, deflection weight indicator has been the preferred weight indicator on small drilling rigs and workover rigs for years.

This weight indicator’s 12” gauge face is simple to mount in nearly any location and highly visible on the rig floor. Packed into one mobile box, the deflection weight indicator can be moved to various rigs and set up easily with the 10 supplied dials. A complete system consists of a gauge (12″), a deflection cell and a high pressure hose. The box has convenient handles and storage locations make this weight indicator simple to move.


  • User adjustable dampening-operator controlled gauge sensitivity
  • 12” dial face- easy to read from a distance
  • 10 dials included from 2-lines 7/8” to 8-Lines 1 ¼”
  • 25’ hose-high pressure 2 wire hose
  • 48,000 lbs single line pull capcity (1” drill line)
  • Rugged heavy duty steel box with doors and handles
  • Available English, Metric and SI Metric dials


  • Compact design
  • Large Dial face with versatile mounting options
  • Calibrated unit can be transferred easily among rigs
  • Easy to setup dials

To Order:

  • Desired Units (English, Metric or SI Metric)
  • Lines Strung
  • Line Size
  • Mast Capacity